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Getting Started on a Custom Store

Some Things It Took Awhile to Figure Out



  • A store for managing NodeRevisionDescriptors. Here is a brief description of the arguments to the [http://jakarta.apache.org/slide/javadoc/org/apache/slide/content/NodeRevisionDescriptors.html NodeRevisionDescriptors] class: .

  • uri

    • The path to the resource. eg: /slide/files/test/foo.txt

  • initialRevision

    • FIXME: I don't know what this is for, but an empty NodeRevisionNumber seems to work.

  • workingRevisions

    • FIXME: I don't know what this is for. A Hashtable with the format key = String, value = NodeRevisionNumber works.

  • latestRevisionNumbers

    • A Hashtable with the format key = branch name (String), value = NodeRevisionNumber where the value is the largest revision number for this Uri. The default branch name is "main" if you just need something to put there.

  • branches

    • A Hashtable with the format key = branch name (String), value = Vector of NodeRevisionNumbers where the Vector contains all of the revision numbers for this Uri that are older than the current revision number.

  • isVersioned

    • boolean indicating whether or not this resource is versioned.


  • If you make a read-only store throw exceptions on the create/store methods, you won't be able to get the root node of the store to show up in a directory listing. Throwing the exception prevents the child binding from being set for the "/" SubjectNode.

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