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Slide needs a configuration file to initialize the Domain. This configuration file defines the namespaces which are part of this domain, the services associated with them, and the namespaces data configuration. This file uses the XML language for its syntax.

A domain is an aggregation of one or more namespaces. Each namespace defines an independent resource tree with its own root. The domain controls access to its registered namespaces and performs initialization and connection management on behalf of the namespaces. When Slide is first initialized, the Domain configuration is loaded. The path to the domain configuration file is given through the org.apache.slide.domain property in your SlidePropertiesFile.

The default implementation of a Slide domain is as a static entity, so only one domain can exist per JVM. (In a context of an web application container where the slide libraries reside in the web apps lib directory, you can have multiple independent domains -- one in each web app. If the slide libraries are located in the web containers commons directory you have one global domain)

The domain configuration is written by an administrator and tells how to initialize each Namespace. The namespace initialization includes information like:

Default Domain.xml (as found in 2.1b2 bundle)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <namespace name="slide">
    <parameter name="historypath">/history</parameter>
    <parameter name="workspacepath">/workspace</parameter>
    <parameter name="workingresourcepath">/workingresource</parameter>
    <parameter name="auto-version">checkout-checkin</parameter>
    <parameter name="auto-version-control">false</parameter>
    <parameter name="versioncontrol-exclude"/>
    <parameter name="checkout-fork">forbidden</parameter>
    <parameter name="checkin-fork">forbidden</parameter>


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