Slide Configuration Overview

This is meant to be an overall summary of all the files you have to configure for Slide (Good to use as a checklist). Further details are contained within the links. For more details concerning your application server or servlet container - please check the ServerSetup page.


This is the heart of Slide configuration.

see DomainConfig for further details


In general everything you need to know about the web.xml file is already documented within the file itself. However it is good to note that if you are not using the default namespace and a few other parameters, you should make changes withing the web.xml file.

see WebXMLConfig for further details

Unless you are disabling features, you probably will not need to change this. You may have to change this file to enable Slide's BIND features.

see SlidePropertiesFile for further details



This should be configured correctly by default. However, check this if you have any problems related to login. Note - JAAS configuration involves both the jaas.config file and some executable scripts and (for Windows catalina.bat and startup.bat).

Remember, if you're using a namespace other than 'slide' you will need to change this file to reflect your namespace value.

Executable Scripts (in the bin directory)


Nix (Mac OS, Linux, ...)

This is obvious, but make sure you make .sh files executable. Click here if you're new to Unix based OSs.

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