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How to update the Slide documentation

For Slide

Slide documentation is based on XHTML augmented with XML for structuring. This XML will be translated to HTML using XSLT. The transformation can be started with ant doc. The source files can be found in src/doc. The generated HTML files will be in build/doc. However the most recent versions of the HTML docs are in doc. So copy every generated HTML you want to be updated to the doc dir.

The structure of source files should be pretty obvious. There is one special file called project.xml which lists all links that will appear as a menu on the left of each page. When you change it be sure to call ant clean doc to rebuild all documents.

The updated documents must be committed to the CVS. Now, to make them visible on the Slide web site you will have to login into minotaur.apache.org and cd to /www/jakarta.apache.org/slide where the HTML files for the Slide web site are located. These files are checked out from the Slide CVS. So if you typed cvs -q update the pages checked in before will appear there and are instantly visible. Because I am rather chicken hearted I do a cvs -qn update before to ensure only the expected files will be updated.

An exception to this process are the Javadocs which are copied there directly.

For Jakarta

Pages for the Jakarta main site is created the same way. You will have to check out the site2 project from CVS. Simply type ant and the documentation will be created directly in the docs directory. No need to copy stuff like in Slide. Then commit and update on the minotaur.apache.org. The directory for the main site is /www/jakarta.apache.org/site. Most of the time you will only have to update the download pages which are binindex.html and sourceindex.html.

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