James Mason

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Wish List

This is WebDAV related stuff I'd like to see happen. I may work on these as time permits, I'm very happy to talk to anyone about any of these and I'll buy a big cookie for anyone who can cross something off this list.

Configuration Without Restart

This implies a few things:

Workflow in Server

The idea is to allow the server to respond to changes in an item with a predefined set of tasks (a script).

This could be a set of event listeners that tie in with an external workflow engine.

Mozilla WebDAV Client

Initially a Web Folders work-a-like, but I'd like something with ACL editing, DASL searching and property viewing/editing.

The main thing is a drag-n-drop GET/PUT/MOVE/COPY interface, though. Currently my Mozilla clients can't click a link and launch a Web Folders session.

CalDAV Server

It would be nice to provide a server to go along with Mozilla's Lightning

Simple CalDAV Client

While I'm wishing.

Reference Management

I see this as a big weekness of WebDAV in general. I'll expand on this more later.

"Content Types"

Think XML Schema for item properties and Collection contents. Ideally a WebDAV client could interpret the type definition to display a detail view and edit form.

Address Book/User Management

This is a compaining to the CalDAV server. I think LDAP fills this role pretty well, so maybe better LDAP Store (or maybe this isn't necessary).

I was also thinking of a vCard store. I don't know how useful this would be, but something like this is definately needed (to go along with Calendaring).


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