Started with initial post by Jagadeesh Sunkara:

I am wondering if there is atleast one person who is successful in running the latest Slide 2.1 beta 2 on Websphere 5.1. I am running into many issues running slide on websphere and hoping that someone from this list will help me out...

1) JDOM issue, the jdom.jar (ver 1.0) that comes with slide2.1beta2 is later than websphere's version of jdom, so I had to remove/replace websphere's version and it works fine now, no errors during slide startup/initialization

Lionel Mayaud says:

You should not touch WebSphere /lib directory. There is a ClassLoader Policy option at EAR level Use PARENT_LAST.

2) Encoding issue. I am seeing the following error in the websphere console, not sure why. So I commented out resp.setContentType(utf8) in temporarily and now I am not seeing message in the console but the response is empty.. Some one has already complained about this issue in september but no response( html <> )

[11/17/04 15:35:50:909 MST] 665844ce TraceNLS u No message text associated with

key{0} sed.

in bundle

[11/17/04 15:35:50:909 MST] 665844ce SRTServletRes W Failed to create a writer

with encoding: "UTF-8". The default encoding will be used.

[11/17/04 15:35:51:190 MST] 665844ce SystemOut O Servlet.Engine.Transports : 0,

17-Nov-2004 15:35:50, , PROPFIND, 207 "Multi-Status", 468 ms, /

3) I am using Webdav client.WebdavResource methods to access the server and all of these methods are returning "207" but nothing in the response, and all the properties like isCollection are set to default. I don't know where things are going. The exact same code works fine for slide on tomcat. The authentication is not an issue here as we are doing our own custom authentication and setting the Credentials properly.

I've tried to debug the webdav server side code and everything looks fine(no exceptions thrown). I am wondering either some part of the code is swallowing exception or there is a serious bug or noone has tried running it on websphere...

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