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Release types and strages

Stages of a release

A full release cycle has some defined stages while the release matures to a final one:

  • Alpha: An alpha release indicates the features provided with the release have not been tested even by the developpers. This is a very early release.
  • Beta: The developpers of the code feel it is functional now and a broader range of developers/users should test it now and report back any issues. There can be many iterations on the beta stage resulting in a beta 1, beta 2, etc. At least at this stage no new features should go into the release except they are absolutely mandatory.
  • Release Candidate: If people feel that everything that should be taken care of has been taken care of it is time for a release candidate. For sure no new features will be added and only minor fixes are to be expected.
  • Final: If a release candidate turned out to be fine it can be become the final release without changes. In any case only minor changes should be done between a release candidate and a final release.

Types of / Reasons for a release

  • Maintenance / Bugfix: This type of release takes care of bugs or maintenance issues that arose after the final release. The version number might look like 2.1.1
  • Feature: New features have been added which are now ready to be released. Such a release is supposed to be compatible to previous major release. The version number might be 2.1. Slide's 2.1 release is a combined bugfix and feature release.
  • Major: A major release indicates something changed dramatically. It may also indicate the release is no longer compatible to the previous major release. The version number might be 3.0

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