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When misfortune came in the other head, they are often able to comfort others as wise as; and when the same misfortune befall themselves, the people are equally difficult to enlighten themselves.

People most unwise not do not know, but know that is unwilling to do, so many people mediocre but self-pity.

Some defects on the other person seems insignificant, not worth mentioning; However, these defects if on himself, it is difficult to easily view, and even his life not well attended.

Themselves said and done harm to others things spiritual, it is possible and shortly forgotten; while others have said or done harm to their own business is often a lifetime could remember, and can not forgive.

The shortcomings of others who like black spots on white paper, one can see it; the shortcomings themselves are hard to find.

Watch other people live, we always like is to enlarge their well-being, regardless of their misfortune in life, so to see how the lives of others have felt happiness. Look at their lives in, people always like to reduce their own happiness, to expand their own troubles, so we always have their own lives too much discontent.

When others make a fool in public places are not careful, we tend to laugh; and when the same situation occurred in their body, we often can not embarrassed in a long time to come out.

Parents like to use their own life experiences and lessons the children, teachers like to use their own school experience educating students, unfortunately, they are often very few people listen to sermons. Until one day, the scene of history repeating itself.

Seeing others succeed, we will say that their luck; when they encountered failure, we would say that they do not work hard. Their own success, we will say that this is the result of their efforts; if fails, we will self-mockery that is the fault of the environment.

When a poor man to see the rich think they have it all, really enviable. A rich man when I saw a poor man, he had nothing, but so happy. In fact, we are not satisfied with their lives that are always the poor or the rich.

Watch other people fall in love choosers, we say dark, I do not know their long sawed, was there to pick and choose. Turn their love, they always feel that no one can fit the bill themselves.

Sometimes your mind clear and plain mistakes, and I want to make some changes, but if someone was kind enough to point out our mistakes, we tend to be very angry and refused to change.

Conflict with others, the other always wrong, is himself aggrieved.

It is easy to judge other parents to educate their children is right or wrong, but when their turn educate their children to tend to lose the basis for evaluation.
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