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[http://www.apachecon.com/] [[http://www.apachecon.com/]]

ApacheCon 2005 San Diego


Who'll be there?

  • Henri Yandell
  • Torsten Curdt
  • Henning Schmiedehausen

BoF Topics

I (Hen) have no clue how BoF's work, so I'll just pretend it's how I think they should work. Below is a list of BoF topics, feel free to add more. Each BoF has a list of Speakers (that is people who have something they want to bring to the BoF on the subject. Also listed is a Chair, if anyone would like to volunteer, which is somebody to organize the BoF and keep throats unbloodied etc. ??? marks indicate a volunteer is desired. (Torsten: usually it's quite informal. Don't think we really need a Speaker/Chair combi ...only a few things to talk about :-)

Future of Jakarta?

Which direction should the Jakarta community as a whole go in 2006+?


  • Henri Yandell: Apache Jakarta - The Java Components Project
  • ???: Change nothing.

Chair: ???

pan-Apache Java

What pan-Apache concepts should we be thinking about for Java?


  • ???: Java package naming
  • Henri Yandell: Javadoc
  • ???: Java mailing list

Chair: ???

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