The following describes how to add committers to the Jakarta PMC. Many parts will be applicable to other PMCs, but not all.


The first step is a vote on the private PMC list.

There are two variants to this. One is a mass-vote - used to bootstrap the PMC though unlikely to be needed in the future, the other is an individual vote - used to add a single person.


Send a nomination/vote to the private PMC list. This mail consists of both the nomination and the vote, so ensure the subject starts with [VOTE]. The reason for this is that a nomination for an individual thread quickly turns into a vote and becomes unmanageable. Use a subject of "[VOTE] Insert Name PMC Nomination"

There is no rush, so specify a duration of one week for the vote by stating the closing date for the week. Also specify the following text:

"Votes are +1/0/-1. 3 +1's succeed. In the case of a -1, 3/4 of those voting carry the vote. +0/-0 in effect means 0 for counting purposes. "


First create a request for nominations thread. This should explicitly state that it is for nominations, not votes, and I find it is often useful to link it to the current month, ie) 'Request for Nominations (September)'. Again, there is no rush, a duration of 2 weeks is good here.

When this thread is finished, add the nominated individuals to the committers/pmc/jakarta/pmc-pending.txt file. Include the sub-project for which they have been nominated and their ASF unix login.

Start a "[VOTE] September PMC Nominations" thread. Include the user's login and the sub-project for which they are nominated. Specify a closing date for the vote (a week after you start the thread) and specify the following text:

"Votes are +1/0/-1. 3 +1's succeed. In the case of a -1, 3/4 of those voting carry the vote. +0/-0 in effect means 0 for counting purposes. "

See committers/pmc/jakarta/vote-email.txt.


Regardless of which style was used for voting, once the closing date has arrived send a [RESULT] thread to the list as a reply to the original [VOTE]. Your subject should look something like: [RESULT] Re: [VOTE] September PMC Nominations or [RESULT] Re: [VOTE] Insert Name PMC Nomination.

Update the committers/pmc/jakarta/pmc-pending.txt file so that the newly voted for individuals are placed in the invited state.

Send an invitation to nominees. A template for an invitation is available at committers/pmc/jakarta/invitation-email.txt. Ensure you bcc to the nominees as until they accept it should be kept private.


If the nominee accepts, they should join the pmc list. This should make the chair aware (as the moderator) that they have joined and they may be moved to the pending state in the committers/pmc/jakarta/pmc-pending.txt. The chair is then responsible for reporting the additions to the board, and 72 hours after the board acknowledge the addition, they may be added to committers/board/committee-info.txt by the chair. They are now officially on the PMC.

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