Creating A Commons For Web Components


Jakarta Commons works (surprisingly) well as a space to develop small, independent bricks. Web application developers have need of similar components which are not general libraries but coupled tightly to the needs of their environment.

For example:

These would be compact libraries coupled only with their environment and not to any particular web application development framework. Small, tightly focussed components with minimal dependencies would be favoured.

Jakarta Commons is not the right place to develop these kinds of component but a new subproject similar in style and substance to Jakarta Commons would fill the need well.

Development Required

A Jakarta Sub Project needs a name and a charter together with some guildlines. It also needs a community of developers. Apache projects are community lead and it's appropriate that the community helps to develop the name, charter and guidelines.


Ideas (alphabetic, feel free to add):

This will probably need to be settled on the list. WebCommonsNameRequestForComments (create as needed).

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