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This is a space for easy development of the charter. Since the web components commons is intended to function in the same way that Jakarta Commons does, the initial version will be the current Jakarta Commons charter.

Please do not edit comments into this text: please use the CharterForWebCommonsRequestForComments or post to General At Jakarta.

Draft Charter

(0) rationale

Apache-Java and Jakarta originally hosted product-based subprojects, consisting of one major deliverable. The Java language however is package-based, and most of these products have many useful utilities. Some products are beginning to break these out so that they can be used independently. A Jakarta subproject to solely create and maintain independent packages is proposed to accelerate and guide this process.

(1) scope of the subproject

The subproject shall create and maintain packages written in the Java language, intended for use in server-related development, and designed to be used independently of any larger product or framework. Each package will be managed in the same manner as a larger Jakarta product. To further this goal, the subproject shall also host a workplace for Jakarta committers.

(1.1) the sandbox

The subproject will host a SVN repository available to all Apache committers as a workplace for new packages or other projects.

(2) identify the initial set of committers


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