July 2009 Board Report

Jakarta status report for June to July 2009.

Jakarta submitted a follow-up report to the Board last month. Therefore, this report covers the last month of activity in Jakarta.

New chair

The Jakarta PMC has voted in a new Chair, Rahul Akolkar. The corresponding resolution has been submitted to the Board for consideration at the July meeting.


Subproject news


Occasional post to the user list last month - otherwise quiet, in maintenance mode.


No activity to report since release reported last month (3.0 beta3).


Few user list posts, one new JIRA issue. No dev activity last month.


No activity - maintenance mode.


Handful posts to the mailing lists, no development activity last month.


JMeter user list is quite busy.

Sebb continues to make many improvements. There have been a few new Bugzilla reports, most notable being a potential contribution in #47474.

JMeter 2.3.4 was released on June 21st.


No activity - maintenance mode.


No activity - maintenance mode.


Henri Yandell continues to make many improvements to the Taglibs build and the Standard and String Taglibs in particular.

Potentially, the active parts in Taglibs may move to be part of Tomcat in the near future. Pasting part of Henri's recent email to the taglibs-dev list:

The general idea is:

Accordingly, the Extended Taglib has been created in the Taglibs Sandbox.

Retired Projects

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