Jakarta Newsletter Drafts.

Drafting of the Jakarta Newsletter now happens on the wiki. Now there's no excuses for anyone who wants to get involved!

JakartaNewsletterDrafts/Issue8March2003 - CLOSED

JakartaNewsletterDrafts/Issue9 - CLOSED

JakartaNewsletterDrafts/Issue10 - OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

The Jakarta Newsletter tries to let people know what's been going on in the Jakarta subprojects when they have been unable to monitor all of them themselves. At the end of each month the various subprojects can submit a summary of what they have been doing, and the whole thing gets posted on the web site and the announcements mailing list a few days later. The current issue can be found at the top of the archive.

Where are they? - the archive of previous newsletters is available here.

I want my own copy! - subscribe to the announcements mailing list and you will receive each issue as it is completed.

I've got an item for the next issue - add your content to the wiki above.

I want to discuss a topic from issue #X - join the appropriate mailing list and continue the thread there.

I have a general newsletter comment - send an email to the Jakarta General list

Are Only Current Jakarta Sub Projects Eligible? - the Jakarta newsletter is open to any Apache projects, subprojects or components that are likely to interest the Jakarta community. (We're a pretty wide school so that'll probably include most stuff at Apache coded in Java.)

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