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Jakarta Newsletter

Issue: 10

Date: July 2003

Url: http://jakarta.apache.org/site/news/200307.html (Maybe: http://www.apache.org/newsletter/200307.html)



I am glad that this "Jakarta Newsletter" will be sublimated as "Apache Newsletter" and the newsletter can cover all the projects including infrastructure, incubator et ce tra. I am planning to publish next issue as "special number featuring articles on XML" or something.

Editor: Tetsuya Kitahata (tetsuya at apache.org)


  • Jakarta General
  • Jakarta Commons General
  • Jakarta Jetspeed
  • New Committers
  • Products available as of the end of July
  • Readers' Voice

Jakarta General


Project: Jakarta Jetspeed


New Committers

  • <<please add your name listed!>>

Products available as of the end of July

Readers' Voice

<<Please feel free to write the comments on the newsletter issue 9>>

  • Just a quick "thank you" for the newsletter. Always helpful and a pleasure to read! -- Axel.
  • Wow - you guys rocks ! Keep up the good work. And I really do hope that this will keep its 'all things java and xml' scope -- Dirk
  • It has been already said, but the last newsletter was *awesome*! :-) I saw many non-jakarta projects on it, and that was very nice indeed. It makes different projects understand what's happening to each other. -- Ken

  • Agreed, Ken! :-) -- Noel

  • Superb work, I'm really curious what issue 10 brings. -- Erik
  • "Best newsletter ever!" -- Glen

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