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 * ["JakartaPMC"]
 * ["JakartaPMCPropsedChanges"]
 * ["JakartaPMCTopLevelProjectApplication"]
 * ["JakartaPMCVotingProcedures"]
 * [[JakartaPMC]]
 * [[JakartaPMCPropsedChanges]]
 * [[JakartaPMCTopLevelProjectApplication]]
 * [[JakartaPMCVotingProcedures]]
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 * ["RoleOfChair"]
 * ["JakartaReport"]
 * ["JakartaIssues"]
 * [[RoleOfChair]]
 * [[JakartaReport]]
 * [[JakartaIssues]]

Jakarta project

The Jakarta project exists to provide server-side solutions using the Java language. The main Jakarta home page can be found at http://jakarta.apache.org/

Jakarta project management

The Jakarta project exists as part of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The ASF board delegates responsibility for overseeing all the Jakarta products to a committee known as the Jakarta PMC.

Jakarta PMC Chair thoughts

(Hen) For want of anywhere else to place this, a scratchpad in which I can record some ideas.

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