Problem Getting sample app to init.

I get this java runtime error:

...<Cut for brevity>... {{{ turbine-sql:



I am not sure if this is the right forum to be asking for help, but anyways if you are having this problem also please tack on a nick to this posting....

I am getting the same VerifyError. Very frustrating...


Navigation trail: TurbineProjectPages

[I've been using Turbine for 6 months now, and I finally worked out the relation between the Templates, the Actions and the Screens. There are howtos at but they can be rather impenetrable at first. What I wanted was some text like this:

"One of the main features of Turbine is that java classes called screens will get executed automatically whenever a Template is viewed through the Turbine Engine. Web Forms can specify an action that will be performed on submit and a template that will be used to show the results, thus causing a form submit to lead to the execution of both an Action and a Template."

Probably some kind of diagram would help, but I'm not much of an artist :-( -SamJoseph]


[JakartaTDK22-MacOSX|JakartaTDK22-MacOSX] -- FWIW, I went ahead and jotted some notes on getting TDK 2.2 running on Mac OS X... ( -RobLeachman)

[JakartaTDK/Starting_Project_With_TDK2.2_And_Maven] -- Lester Ward posted this to the list. It looks like gold to me! ( -RobLeachman)


Just finished installing the TDK. Had everything worked perfectly I would have been done in about 30 minutes (of course it actually took about 10 hours over 3 days).

My project was called turbo1 and these are the specifics of what I was doing wrong.

webapps/turbo1/WEB-INF/build/ as far as I can tell should look something like this (mysql):

#this doesn't get transferred right now
tdk.home = /data/tdk-2.2 = turbo1
database = mysql
#The createDatabaseUrl cannot have the database name in it
createDatabaseUrl = jdbc:mysql://localhost/
#buildDatabaseUrl and databaseUrl should have the database name in it
buildDatabaseUrl = jdbc:mysql://localhost/turbo1
databaseUrl = jdbc:mysql://localhost/turbo1
databaseDriver =
databaseUser = turbine
databasePassword = turbine
databaseHost =


I had no luck with Mysql-3.23.53 on newapp 'ant init'

BUILD FAILED file:C:/tdk-2.2/webapps/newapp/WEB-INF/build/build-torque.xml:302: java.sql.SQLE xception: General error: Unknown database 'newapp'

is caused by the lines in src/sql/create-db.sql which refer to a database called 'default'. Try typing them in to a mysql console and you'll see what I mean.

Maybe later Mysqls are better. No - I've just checked - DEFAULT is a reserved word in MySQL, so it's a pretty dumb name for a database. It seems to stem from the definition of DEFAULT_DATABASE in /tdk/ancillary/2/src/conf/build.xml; but changing that and rebuilding recreates create-db.sql with the offending lines still there. So I guess that something isn't being rebuilt that needs to be...

> I've just checked - DEFAULT is a reserved word.... it's actually a bug in id-table-schema.xml.patch, check issue TRQS35 in scarab. Note you have to register first.

you can download the patch in the atachments tab.


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