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Development of Turbine 2.X

[wiki:/CurrentStatus CurrentStatus]
Current project status
[wiki:/DevelopmentRoadMap Road Map]
Development road map
[wiki:/DocumentationRoadMap Road Map]
Documentation road map
[wiki:/VelocityOnlyLayout Converting from ["VelocityECSLayout"] to VelocityOnlyLayout]
Steps to convert your application
[wiki:/PageLayout Recursive layouts]
A Page type layout and/or the ability to embed layouts recursively.
[wiki:TurbineAvalonization Moving to Avalon components]
The plan to implement Avalon lifecycle interfaces
[wiki:TurbineCodingStandards Revised coding standards]
Proposal for updated coding standards

New idea for intake -

<em>FormProc seems to be a much more clean solution than Intake. However it lacks ability for automatic mapping to torque-generated business objects, which is a critical feature.<br>Marc</em> <em>What about commons-validator? And couldn't we add the mapping to formproc?<br>EricPugh</em>

There is another open source framework called Keel that is based on Avalon. We might want to take a look at how they implement things like security...


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