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   * Currently in the wiki at ["JakartaTurbine2Tutorial"]    * Currently in the wiki at [[JakartaTurbine2Tutorial]]
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   * Currently in the wiki at ["JakartaTurbine2UsersGuide"]    * Currently in the wiki at [[JakartaTurbine2UsersGuide]]

Navigation trail: TurbineProjectPages - JakartaTurbine2 - [JakartaTurbine2/Development|Development] - Documentation Road Map

Documentation Road Map

In order of priority:

  • Brief clean-up of the presentation of the current 2.x documentation (Assigned to: Chris Chew)

    • Move content into the turbine site module
    • Incorporate Jeff Linwood's Turbine Concepts Article
    • Remove references to T.3 so as not to confuse new users
    • Complete and correct the TDK 2.2 Howto
  • Turbine 2.3 Release Changes Summary And Migration Steps (Volunteer!)

    • Currently in the wiki at [JakartaTurbine2/Migrating_From_2.2]
    • When stable, move it to xdoc
  • Quick Start Tutorial (Volunteer!)

    • Based on a simple sample application
    • May or may not involve a TDK
    • Currently in the wiki at JakartaTurbine2Tutorial

  • Complete User's Guide

  • Turbine Architecture Diagram

    • High level diagram of Services, Layouts, Navigations, TurbineServlet, Action, Screens, etc

    • Should be a picture showing distinct layers
  • Clear Road Map of Turbine the project

    • 2.2->2.3->

    • What is Summit? --CKC: It sounds to me like Summit will remain independent of Turbine
    • Future of Fulcrum
    • How does Avalon fit in? --CKC: Maybe this should be tackled in the 2.3 Changes Summary?

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