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New Session Service

I posted a message to the list a while back asking for a way to access the session information from the container. The response was that there was no way to do it with Turbine yet.

I have now written a service that allows access to all sessions for the current context. I was hoping to get some feedback on how it works and what it can do before I add it into the Turbine source tree.... If you have any ideas for additional functionality, please make notes at the end of this page!!!!

How it works

I have a listener class that is configured in web.xml to listener for session creation and destruction events. Upon creation or destruction of a session, the session object is passed to the { { { SessionService } } }. This approach work on any container that support the servlet 2.3 API.


Here is the javadocs from the interface for the SessionService.

{{{ /**

  • Gets all active sessions
  • @return Collection of HttpSession objects

  • /
  • public Collection getActiveSessions(); }}}

{{{ /**

  • Adds a session to the current list
  • @param session Session to add
  • /

{{{ /**

  • Removes a session from the current list
  • @param session Session to remove
  • /

{{{ /**

  • Determines if a given user is currently logged in
  • @param user User to check for
  • @return true id the user is logged in on one of the
  • active sessions.
  • /
  • public boolean isUserLoggedIn( User user ); }}}

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