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Turbine Wish List

If there are things that you would like to see changed or added to Turbine, here is the place to talk about it. Please sign your comments and/or suggestions. If you would like to cast a vote in favor of some of these requests, sign you name with a +1 after the discussion.

Note: the +1 is not to indicate a committer vote. It is to express your interest in the enhancement. The best way to REALLY cast you vote is to supply a patch ;-)

Intake: Database validations for a field

I would like to be able to have a field validated using a database lookup. This would be in addition to the normal validation rules.


Intake: Group level validation

You should be able to validate relationships between fields within the same group. For example, I would like to validate that startDate > endDate where both fields are dates in the same group. This would require a group level isValid flag and a group level errorMessage.

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Intake: Javascript generation

Form field validation should ideally be done on the client side. It should also be done on the server side in case javascript is not available or is disabled on the client's browser. In order to prevent having to maintain one set of validation rules in Intake and another in javascript, I think that Intake should be abloe to generate javascript to perform form validation based upon the rules that are defined in intake.xml.

This would obviously preclude being able to generate validation rules that are only possible on the server such as database lookups. Generating most of the JS code for the client side validation is better than none at all!

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+1 - Why add to server-side compute load when unnecessary? Let the client do it! Extending Intake to generate js for validation would move Intake up the food chain as a powerful tool for form validation. -- jdiggans

Getting Rundata by using a static method

e. g. Turbine.getRunData() would be great


Intake: Documentation


Turbine Exception Handling

The way the Turbine 3 servlet passes Exceptions to the handleException method of a configured ExceptionHandler? would be useful for Turbine 2. Currently the handleException method is implemented in the Turbine 2 servlet, but it would be better to allow a custom implementation.

[[/PageLayout|Embedded layouts on Velocity templates]]

+1 QuintonMcCombs

More robust multi-part message handling

Implement more robust multipart message handling (org/apache/turbine/util/mail)

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Isn't this what the commons-email project has in sandbox? I use it, and it seems to do everything? EricPugh

Cocoon 2 Implementation

Well thought out (and executed) Cocoon 2 Implementation

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