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Common Intake Problems

Below are common problems and solutions encountered when first using Intake.

Q: Intake won't run, and I am using sdk 1.4

A: If you have turbine running under sdk 1.4, try recompiling the turbine src with the java version you are using.

Also, fixed in Turbine 2.3

Q: Why does <code>$intake.MyGroup.mapTo($myobject)</code> not populate the form fields?

A: Assuming you have your group configured and the $intake tool enabled, does your target object ({ { { MyObject } } }) implement the interface? Putting something like the following ought to work:

public class MyObject extends BaseMyObject implements Retrievable
{{{    private String querykey = null; 

    public String getQueryKey() 
        if(querykey == null) 
        return querykey; 
    public void setQueryKey(String arg) 
        querykey = arg; 


You may wonder why your Torque-generated object don't already do this? This is because Torque is a separate project from Turbine, and it would be improper for Torque generated objects to implement an interface from the Turbine project. So you must do it manually, and be glad that it is easy to do.

== A Beginners Experience With Intake == Introduction

This will be sort of a work in progress section for me, after all the help I have recieved from the community on the user list I thought it was only fair to document it on the wiki. So as I get different aspects of my intake service to work I will try and post them here.


Stuart Townhill.

My Setup

Intake Setup

Problems Encountered

Getting My First Instance Of Intake Working

Comming soon!

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