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 * subscribe to press@apache.org (Public Relations) and/or trademarks@apache.org (Trademark issues)  * (ASF members only) subscribe to press@apache.org (Public Relations) and/or trademarks@apache.org (Trademark issues)

The main ASF document on this is at http://www.apache.org/dev/pmc.html#chair.

Chair role is:

  • Send quarterly report to the board.
  • Assist community in issues where the community is unable to find resolutions; personal issues are an obvious one.
  • Pass nominated PMC committers up to the board for approval, and 72 hours after an ack, edit the pmc-committee.txt in svn://commiters/board/.
  • #1: Strive to stay out of the way and let the community drive Jakarta.
  • Pass information from the Board back to the PMC.
  • Ultimately responsible to the board for oversight of the PMC.
  • Keep a keen eye out for any legal issues which might crop up and liase with the board/legal-internal mail lists to ensure things stay legal.
  • Grant karma to version control.
  • ?

Chair should:

Chair may want to:

  • (ASF members only) subscribe to press@apache.org (Public Relations) and/or trademarks@apache.org (Trademark issues)

  • subscribe to all mail lists within their project (for Jakarta I subscribe to all the dev lists)
  • moderate other mailing lists (I moderate general@jakarta and announcements@jakarta; both of which help me to keep oversight)

In addition:

  • I plan to document the long-term issues facing Jakarta as a whole, and important issues concerning sub-projects. Hopefully this will keep them in the community's minds.
  • Encourage Jakarta General usage for all but private PMC communication. We need to consider General as the main PMC list.
  • Detail which roles are being fulfilled by committers, and ensure they remain fulfilled.

Other links:


  • ASF email. Use <your-login>@apache.org for official email, and your personal email address for non-official email. This counts for announcements too, but doubly for a role where people may mistake an opinion for the official view.

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