A scratchpad for our thoughts towards the Testing TLP. The following list began as a direct paste out of Felipe's email on general@j.a.o archived here, amongst other places:


  1. We will try to pass the resolution (of the Testing TLP creation) on the next board meeting (on 21st?) and Phill Steitz will be our proxy. As he is not directly involved in the process (at least not yet :-), we must come out with whatever he should present in the meeting;
  2. We understand the board's concerns about an umbrella, but we would like a formal definition of what an umbrella is, i.e., if it's allowed to have new sub-domains as umbrellas and what rules they should follow;
  3. TAO (testing.apache.org) will initially contain only the JMeter and Cactus projects, migrated from Jakarta
  4. TAO will be open to any testing-related project, independent on the technology or language involved. But it will have guidelines on whether a new project would be accept on it, and these guidelines will focus primarily in the ability of the project to maintain itself (i.e., the developer base, community involvement, etc..). These guidelines are also the main mitigating factor against the 'kitchen-sink umbrella concern'.
  5. It's not clear yet how new projects will be accepted (although I guess it's the regular incubator process), but that's something we can discuss later, once the TLP is created and in place;
  6. We are confident there is a growing interest in the community (specially among other ASF projects) for this TLP; a few people already manifested such interested. We are also aware this can be both a good and bad sign (as it could lead to the umbrella bloat), but we believe the benefits outweighs the concerns;
  7. So far this discussion has been 'restrict' to general@jakarta list and the board; we could 'spread the word' through the community@apache list and ApacheConEU, but I'm not sure if it's necessary at this point (as mentioned on item 6, there is real interest outside of Jakarta already)

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