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My name is Le Dinh Bao Chau, Marcus. Currently I study at School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore ( I love programming and I have been programming for seven years. During such period, I have done many projects which are standalone and web-based applications using C,C++, Java and C#. My favourite languages are C++ and Java.

Though I have used Linux for more than 2 years, I am still new to open-source software development. I hope I would gain valuable experiences and knowledge about it during this summer. The project James Fast-fail implemetation caught my eyes quickly and I really get interested with it. However as I was acknowledged of this event quite lately, I have little time on investing the project. Still, I am confident I can catch up and finish it in time. Below is what I have obtained last few days. I will keep updating it as I find out more useful information.


One of the problem posed to James mail server developers is the degrade in performance when the server is hit heavy spam traffic and D.O.S attack. An approach to deal with this problem is extending the SMTP protocol which will allow the server to terminate the conversation before it wastes resource downloading spam, oversized, undeliverable or rules violated messages. The rule can be set and unset flexibly.

Another issue is that under the current design very little control is possible over a running instance of James mail server - the main configuration method is to edit configuration manually and then restart (which takes significant time).

Proposed solutions

Following FastFail proposal by DannyAngus and NoelBergman

Advantages for ASF


Totally revamped drop-in replacement for the existing SMTPServer. Possibly patches or pieces of coded targeted for ASF containers.


After August 14 fix react to bug reports and requests for enhancements. If time permits look into integration with scripting languages.

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