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  * uncomment '''JCR implementation of IMAP Storage''' containing beans "imapCndLoader", "jcrUtils", "sessionJcrRepository", "sessionMapperFactory", "subscriper" and "mailboxmanager" and fix "sessionMapperFactory" to look like:

    <bean id="sessionMapperFactory" class="org.apache.james.imap.jcr.JCRMailboxSessionMapperFactory">
        <constructor-arg index="0" ref="sessionJcrRepository"/>
        <constructor-arg index="1" ref="sessionMapperFactoryNodeLocker"/>
 * and add bean named "sessionMapperFactoryNodeLocker" looking like:

    <bean id="sessionMapperFactoryNodeLocker" class="org.apache.james.imap.jcr.JCRVmNodeLocker">
As in current version (10th of juni 2010) the code has changed but the default config does not contain the node locker.
  * uncomment '''JCR implementation of IMAP Storage''' containing beans "imapCndLoader", "jcrUtils", "sessionJcrRepository", "sessionMapperFactory", "subscriper", "mailboxmanager", "uidConsumer" and "nodeLocker"

Note : James V3 is still under developpement, so this notice is valuable for the last update of this document.

  • Check out a james fresh copy : svn co http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/james/server/trunk james

  • go to the james directory and : mvn clean package
  • copy : spring-deployment/target/james-server-spring-deployment-3.0-M1-bin.(zip/tar.gz) into your serveur destination folder (let's call $SERV)
  • go to $SERV and unzip/untar the james-server-spring-deployment-3.0-M1-bin.(zip/tar.gz) file
  • go to $SERV/bin directory
  • execute run.sh with root privilege (because pop3 try to open 10x port)
  • The first run will stop with an error (with this : java.io.FileNotFoundException: ../conf/sqlResources.xml (No such file or directory))

  • execute twice run.sh ... an it's work (end with this : IMAP Service connection backlog is: 5)
  • now you can follow step 10, 11,... of the JamesQuickstart page

  • type ctrl + C for end

Usage of embedded JCR to store (Imap-)Messages

  • edit $SERV/conf/spring-beans.xml
    • comment JPA implementation of IMAP Storage containing beans "sessionMapperFactory", "subscriper" and "mailboxmanager" out

    • uncomment JCR implementation of IMAP Storage containing beans "imapCndLoader", "jcrUtils", "sessionJcrRepository", "sessionMapperFactory", "subscriper", "mailboxmanager", "uidConsumer" and "nodeLocker"

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