These are tools that are known to work well with James. The purpose for this page is for users to be able to express what tools they use, how well they work, how to use them, etc. From time to time, the James project will harvest this information and put it into more formal documents, such as the FAQ.




Other Java Mail Servers

Related Java-mail related libraries

Sieve Filtering

Sieve is a mail filtering language developed by Carnegie Mellon University. The James project has yet to integrate Sieve, but here are related links to give you an idea of what we're thinking.

Database Clients

LDAP tools

Note: the last two, in combination, allow you to do almost everything (but both are needed because they have different functionalities).

File Comparison Tools

Note also that popular IDEs and editors frequently have file comparison tools built in. Of particular note are JEdit and Eclipse. Eclipse also allows you to compare files directly against a CVS repository.



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