Proposals and work plans for the James v3 Message Store

The current proposal is to use JavaMail as the interface to message stores. We would have to write store providers to tie into the current legacy structures.

JavaMail provides a standard by which we and others can develop storage formats. It provides other message interfaces, such as necessary to support IMAP, POP3, NNTP, even RSS.

As far as Message Stores are concerned, we would probably eliminate the Mail object from the storage interface in favor of a MimeMessage, or possibly a subclass that carried additional attributes that we wish to store.

One option would be for custom attributes could be converted to/from X- headers.

Interesting idea for a store implementation is to use the Message-ID to identify unique instances of messages, and to store one copy. Folders would effectively contain be maps to a global store. Not sure what the savings would be in most environments, but it is an interesting notion.

See Also: /Plans.

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