Q: Why create this page?

A: The life blood of every Open Source Project is its Community. Communities are made up of people willing to devote some of their time, creativity and energy to the project. But a Community is more than just a set of people. There is a social aspect, and people like to know that they have company. So let us know who you are.

The first step is simply saying to yourself: I want to help.

Placing yourself on this page has no meaning other than to let people know that you exist, what your interests are, and how you might like to help.

Welcome to James.

Noel J. Bergman - James Committer. Interested in helping James become a robust, scalable, enterprise-class messaging server. Primary area of interest: infrastructure.

Sergei Sozonoff - James volunteer. I like the concept of Mailets a lot and I would like to help James continue to develop. My main interest is in Mailets until my Java knowledge reaches a point where I can contribute in other areas. I am hoping to use James in several projects.

DannyAngus. - James commiter, I turned up one day looking for a mail server and got hooked. Interests? I think email is the coolest invention, particularly MIME, SMTP, MailetAPI, and to a lesser extent Icalendar and Vcard.

Kenny Smith - Earnest Newbie who finds it hard to find time to contribute. I needed an extensible mail server and found James. I've been wanting to contribute to Jakarta and I really think James is an excellent project.

Steve Short - James user and occasional contributor. Interested in pipeline processing, JMX, performance, directory integration, message personalization.

Stephen McConnell - Avalon liason. Working on the integration of the James mail services and related components within an advanced container platform - Avalon Merlin.

Leo A. D'Angelo - Interested in enhancing James to support encryption/decryption as well as spam management and message filtering. At some point I would like to play with james as a personal mail "proxy" for personal message management as well.

Christian Myrvold - Have a mailsystem at home in use by family and friends. Came across JAMES when looking for the right mailserver, but because of the lack of IMAP I'm currently using a different server for my "live" system. I need IMAP, so that would be the area of my most interest when it comes to contributing.

Jason Webb - Developer of high-volume MLM solutions with James. We use James as a mail server to "front" our MLM code. My interest is turning James into a high-volume, attack-resistant mail system

Peter Svensson - Using James at home and for enterprise application. Interested in contributing to open source and I hope to help with the next release of JAMES. Trying to get IMAP into JAMES.

Sivasundaram Umapathy - Using James at office for the past 6 months.Interested in contributing to open source.Working as a J2EE developer.Had done a good deal of SMTP/POP programming at my college days and also at work.Hoping to join hands with the JAMES community for the next release

Serge Knystautas - James committer. I originally donated the code and help put together the mailet API we have now. Have been running James in production since 1999 and want to see it replace sendmail and maybe even Exchange. I'm the current PMC (Project Management Committee) Chairman for James.

Aaron Knauf - James ponderer. I use James behind sendmail as a way to process incoming email from Java, rather than as the MX for a domain. I have developed mailets that serve as part of the mobile network infrastructure for a major telco. Interested in extending James to make it more sophisticated and useful in this role.

Steven Smith - Sendmail convert - Dynamic Anti-Virus integration and implimentation with per-user/per-domain rules and server-side 'access' rules. RDBMS (PG7.3.1) based message store with triggers.

Fred Bloomhanasaki email. Would be happy to team up with one, or more, to work on IMAPS and LDAP/JNDI related activities. Also interested in mabye being the understudy to someone already well versed in James APIs to work on migration tools.

Mark Imel - James user/volunteer and interested in contributing to the James project. Specifically, as it relates to List Management.

Michael Percy - Free Software enthusiast. Interested in taking IMAP and LDAP in James to a world-class level, and replacing Exchange with a Free Software equivalent. Main concerns: having a full-featured product, wide compatibility, and ease of administration.

Vincent Keunenemail I have been following James for quite some time. I'm a Java - Open Source - Messaging systems enthusiast, living in Belgium/Europe. I run a small company called Manex where, amongst other things, we have used James as part of an "Electronic Notaire" prototype product for local hospitals. Would love to use James as our main production server, but we are waiting for IMAP and a good Webmail. Willing to contribute, but don't have much free time.

Patrick Hubbard - Volunteer software polisher. I found James last year and use it to support a bewildering number of demo and POC activities, and am completing my own robust replacement for RemoteManager to support those activities. I'd like to see these currently private features included in James, especially the remote admin API and simple HTTP admin server. I'm also interested in rewriting aliasing to support unlimited aliases thought full user account-address decoupling, (also allowing better LDAP integration). I'm in the business of adding product features that accelerate product/solution adoption by end users and want to drive for the day that the O'Reilly "James in a Nutshell" is released.

Damon Rand - James wannabe. Currently running several dozen mail domains on a Win2k server with a commercial MTA package. My main problem with the current solution is that mbox format makes the file structure difficult to backup and restore -- maildir support is essential for me. I want to migrate to an opensource MTA but don't want to take the Linux leap -- my skills are on Windows/Java. There should be an opensource mailserver that runs natively under Windows and is as well respected as Apache HTTPD or Tomcat. I am interested in helping James to be as good as my current commercial MTA (eg. better HTTP based user self service) but with maildir support and help integrate conversion tools to make migrating from other MTAs to James smooth

MailCatcher Mailet Container - Mailet devotee! My name is Alan Williamson and I have been following JAMES for a number of years now, particularly the Mailet API. Being one of the original Servlet guys, the design of the Mailet API was a stroke of genius. I am saddened however at the lack of support for this great API. To address this balance, I created and maintain the MailCatcher project which is a lightweight implementation of the Mailet API.

Iñigo Medina Garcíaemail - Using James at home and for small enterprise projects. Interested in contributing to open source and I hope to help with the next release of JAMES. Trying to get IMAP into JAMES.

Stefano Bagnara - James Committer since 2005. I first used JAMES when it was 2.0 for an email integration project for a customer. JAMES was great at basic integration but our integration needs evolved so I started contributing patches to JAMES and finally contributed a big part of the efforts leading to 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 releases. I use JAMES as my personal mail server and my company provide a newsletter sending service named VOXmail using code derived from JAMES Server to handle delivery and bounce handling of millions emails. I'd like to see native support for DSN spec, plenty of bounce formats and the ARF format in JAMES sooner or later.

Eric Charles Committer and PMC member. I use James 3.0 in production environment for a few of my clients (plain mailbox usage, access via imap4, pop3).

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