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  • = Help on James. For Newbies. From Newbies. =

Since I'm new on James AND Java and not too professional regarding mail, i would like to share here all my little successfull gotchas. All those complete idiots questions dared to be asked.

For the beginning in loose form (wikiwiki means fast, right?), everybody invited to do same just right here, line per line.

I see this as a 2ct contribution for making James rich, fast and easy, but of course the whole page is nothing more than a proposal.. -till

- installing james as a nt service:

  • copy %jamesdirhere%\conf\wrapper.conf to %jamesdirhere%\bin\ and on commandline type: wrapper -i

  • alternatively leave wrapper.conf where it is and tell wrapper.exe where it is:

%jamesdirhere%\bin\wrapper.exe -i %jamesdirhere%\conf\wrapper.conf

  • Substitute %jamesdirhere% with the DIRectory where you installed/unzipped james.

- converting unix text to readable windows text (.xml,.conf,etc.):

  • found this helpful: http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/javatips/jw-javatip64.html

  • first of all, that 2kb program suits the job, second it's a most basic/easy tutorial on java also.

    i really do like the combination of those 2 points :-) you need the java SDK for it and have to put javac.exe's path into the %PATH% environment variable. only "java EOFconverter" works, ie. exactly as in the tut stated!

  • just a nice trick*: On winxp wordpad converts automatically the unix-like text to win32 text encoding.

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