Running Outlook XP and James on the same machine

If you are still using Outlook XP (2002) and try to work with James installed on the same machine, you have problably ran into the same problem I have: this doesn't work reliably at all.

The symptom is likely to be that you cannot send messages nor retrieve them to/from the James SMTP and POP services: Outlook times out. Yet sometimes it works.

The reason is not James. It has something to do with Outlook XP on Windows XP (don't know about other combinations). The same problem exists if you send messages from Outlook XP to the Microsoft SMTP server if they are both running on the same machine. Don't ask me why.

The fix is to have Office XP SP3 installed and to define the following registry-key

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\UseInetcommCS as a DWORD
Set it to 1.

I have been ennoyed and looking for a solution for the last 2 years...! I hope this will help others while Outlook XP is still alive.

The fix is documented here:

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