I'm Sergey Lubinskiy. I study at http://www.msu.ru/en/ department of physics. I'm keen of programming. Although I don't specialize in it I posses a considerable load of knowledge on Java and internet. I like hacking hiking and bike-riding :-)

My friends think that I tend to think and code a bit too academically. But I hope this will only help me to participate in the summer of code program. Here's my proposal.


James mail server performs reasonably well under normal load. Heavy spam and virus traffic or dos attacks can significantly degrade its performance. Under the current design we can not discard SMTP message until it has been completely recieved and saved to filesystem or database. Combating spam requires us to adopt an alternative strategy - cut TCP connections judging on senders IP, RCPT, FROM and alike without even looking inside the message.

Another issue is that under the current design very little control is possible over a running instance of James mail server - the main configuration method is to edit configuration manually and then restart (which takes significant time).

Proposed solutions

Following FastFail proposal by DannyAngus and NoelBergman I intend to implement a drop-in replacement for SMTPServer block - the New SMTP Block.

The New SMTP Block will be close in design to JamesSpoolManager:

POJO/JMX/XML Configuration Convergence

One of the key features of the proposed ./ProtocolLet desing is a rich runtime configuration model. The New SMTP Block will be able to

All the metadata about a ./ProtocolLet will be extracted by introspecting the implementating class. Both XML format and JMX interface will be derived products.

ProtocolLets As A New Kind Of Components

Similar to Regular Phoenix Blocks ./ProtocolLet s will be able to depend on other Blocks inside James Phoenix Application.

Future Directions

If timeframe permits I may try to implement integration with scripting languages. There's nothing impossible in ./ProtocolLet s being written in BeanShell, Jython, JavaScript.

Advantages for ASF


Open Source Software Used

Apache Phoenix, JUnit, MX4J, MC4J, in the optimistic scenario BeanShell, Jython, JavaScript.





22 Jun

The expected end of examination session, start active coding

12 Jul


New SMTP Server instantiates ./ProtocolLet s injects dependecies
XML configuration reading/writing works

25 Jul


JMX management of ./ProtocolLet s works

14 Aug


Several real-life ./ProtocolLet s are written, they do some useful spam blocking

1 Sep


Discovered bugs fixed
Some requests for enhancement implemented
If timeframe has permitted initial scripting language integration implemented

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