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Test Strategy for Detachment/Attachment

The strategy used to test object detachment and attachment is currently to target the simplest use cases involving primarily primitive fields plus the system types String, Date, etc, avoiding use cases that involve object graphs, partly due to the fact that FetchGroup and FetchPlan is still a moving target as of this writing.

The Company object model will be used for the tests.


  • Identify assertions in spec and get them added to FrameMaker document. [Done 9/2005]

  • Adapt JPOX TestCase classes and do gap analysis against spec assertions

Relevant Notes from Weekly Conference Call

Fri 16 Sep 05

The current strategy for creating the detached object unit tests is to do a gap analysis to see how many existing JPOX unit tests can be adapted and brought into the TCK. At that point, missing tests can be written for any untested assertions.

Fri 18 Feb 05

Matthew Adams will go through relevant areas of spec (currently only section 12.6.8), identify assertions, and let Michelle Caisse know so that she can add them to the document. We will use the Company object model, and stick with simple fields in single objects and avoid complex object graphs. We will continue with one TestCase class per assertion; the number of test methods will be at the class author's discretion.

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