This document considers whether a development process such as eXtreme Programming might help us meet our goals more successfully than our current process.

No matter how you choose to label it, all projects have a development process. Projects that document their development process often find themselves to be more successful because particpants can help themselves when need arises. Every project has different goals and team members, so no one process fits all projects.

If you haven't read much about eXtreme Programming, I would encourage you to consider whether this could work for us, minus the cheerleading and rigor. We aren't a centralized crew (I always see rainbows when I think of "team programming" anyway), we don't have a traditional customer (although we might do well to define one), so many of the components of their process should not be taken at face value.

If we were just to focus on the development cycle and their use of task cards and frequent releases, we might collectively find that we make more organized and focused progres. There is a very good program called XPlanner that would work very well for organizing thoughts and tasks for a distributed team. I'm not sure if Apache infrastructure can support J2EE deployments yet though. If not, I would be happy to host it.

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