J2SE 1.3 support

The objective of JDO is to support J2SE 1.3 (and higher) for runtime.

You need J2SE 1.4 to compile the sub-projects ri11 and tck11:

However, you can run the jars as created by the sub-projects api11, btree, ri11 and tck11 with a J2SE 1.3 runtime. For the btree sub-project we cannot use the latest version of the netbeans btree sources, because they make use of assert statements. This means you need to compile them with option -source 1.4 which implies -target 1.4 such that the generated code does not run with J2SE 1.3. We switched to btree sources from mid of September 2004 that do not use assert statements. The resulting btree jar runs with J2SE 1.3.

In order to run ri11 and tck11 with J2SE 1.3 you need to switch the JTA distribution and add a XML parser implementation:

The above property setting assume you placed the downloaded jars into a new directory called lib located parallel to ri11 and tck11.

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