Apache JDO Release Test Plan

Test Procedure

  1. Download the latest official release candidate at the URL provided by the Release Manager.
  2. Extract the files using WinZip or jar xf.

  3. Follow the instructions in README.txt in the top level install directory.
  4. Follow the instructions in the file RunRules.html in the release to build and run the TCK against the reference implementation.

  5. Configure JPOX as the IUT, then run the TCK against JPOX as the IUT.

Test Platforms



Mac OS

Craig Russell

Windows XP

Michelle Caisse

Windows 2000

Michelle Caisse

SunOS 5.10 (sparc)

Michelle Caisse



Test Results

For each test run, please enter information in the table below describing the results of the test run.



TCK version

OS, architecture

JVM version

# failures

# errors