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This page describes the main JMeter pieces: the GUI, the test tree (aka Test Plan), the Engine,... and how they relate to each other.

PLEASE NOTE THIS PARTICULAR PART OF JMETER'S ARCHITECTURE IS CURRENTLY BEING HEAVILY MODIFIED BY OLIVER ROSSMUELLER. (2003-01-08)- I would like to know more about exactly what you are doing before you commit. As I said in email, I don't think what you are doing should be all that complicated. - MikeStover

Each node in the test tree is currently represented by a JPanel -- shown on the right side of the interface when you select that node.

These JPanel objects are created as you build the test plan (or all in a shot if you load a test plan from scratch) -- this causes performance concerns (both in terms of time and memory).

Those JPanels implement the JMeterGUIComponent interface. The most relevant method defined by this interface is the createTestElement() method -- which will create a Test Element from the values held by the GUI.

The Engine takes that tree and compiles and runs it. See JMeterTestExecution for more info.

Open questions:

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