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Enhancements - again, what's the advantage of this over the bug database? The database is sufficient for simple enhancement ideas like these. (Mike Stover 2003-01-07)

The intention here is to try to go beyond the small enhancements and try and work out what features we want to target for the next release. The first step is to dump our ideas here, we can then try and organise them into some kind of logical grouping and try and decide which ones go in the next release (or the one after, and so on). The structure is kind of working itself out on JMeterDevelopment/LongTerm - we should remove things from this page as they are moved to JMeterDevelopment/LongTerm (this means that I have some cleaning up to do) and enter the remaining ones in bugzilla (presumably they will be too small and isolated to warrant discussion in the long term development context). -- ScottEade 2003-01-11

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