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The official website (which is a work in progress, you are better off looking at the github pages) is available at http://jmeter.lazerycode.com The official website is available at http://jmeter.lazerycode.com

Please note: the JMeter Maven plugin is a 3rd party product; it is not part of the Apache JMeter project

JMeter Maven Plugin

This is a Maven 2 plugin that allows you to run JMeter tests as part of the build.

Install the Plugin

This plugin is available from the maven central repository, as long as you have a working install of maven you only need to create a valid pom.xml that references this plugin.

Basic Configuration

  • Create a src/test/jmeter directory, and place your JMeter load tests there.
  • Add the plugin to your pom.xml

Executing the Plugin

  • Run "mvn verify" to run the tests (Best practive would be to assign the JMeter tests to a specific profile so that they only run when invoking that profile).

External Links

The source code for this plugin can be found at https://github.com/Ronnie76er/jmeter-maven-plugin

The official website is available at http://jmeter.lazerycode.com

The github wiki has more detailed configuration information and is available at https://github.com/Ronnie76er/jmeter-maven-plugin/wiki

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