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||University of Western Cape||South Africa||We are using JMeter to test our in-house written E-Learning application.||

Companies that use JMeter

This is a list of companies that are using JMeter. If you are not on it please add yourself to the end or send an email to [mailto:oliver.erlewein+jmeter@gmail.com Oliver] and I will include it on the list. From time to time I will sort the list by company name.




[http://www.aol.com AOL]


We use JMeter for performance testing, QA, and adhoc production requests.

Consology (Pty) Ltd

South Africa


[http://www.ce.com.au Corporate Express Australia Ltd.]

Australia and NZ

Integration, load and stress testing B2B and EAI integration systems.

Applabs Technologies Pvt.Ltd


We use JMeter for performance testing. We used Jmeter for more than 10 projects.

[http://www.datacom.co.nz DATACOM]

New Zealand

Using JMeter to performance test our developed code. Most of it for local government agencies.

Lufthansa Systems Indonesia


We use JMeter for performance testing. Currently we use it for testing our Frequent Flyer Program application.



we use JMeter for load, functional and regression testing of client-server applications

[http://www.talis.com Talis]


We are using it to performance test our new Talis Engage system.

University of Western Cape

South Africa

We are using JMeter to test our in-house written E-Learning application.

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