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== Effe Texh HTTP Sniffer == == Effe Tech HTTP Sniffer ==

Effe Tech HTTP Sniffer

Email: MailTo(madamec@xybion.xom)

I have an application under test that is not using any web browser as a client. Anyhow our custom made client communicates with application server tier via Apache/Tomcat. I found very difficult to use Badboy to see what's going on from the Client tier perspective.

So, I was searching for some tool that captures HTTP communication "from outside" and I found lately a little tool that is just perfect for what I needed. It shows outgoing HTTP requests and incoming HTTP responses and can help you analyze them.

The name of tool is Effe_Tech HTTP Sniffer. It is available for free trial for 15 days and that you can have it just for peanuts ($29.95 for non-commercial or $49.95 for commercial use). So, for 50 bucks it's all yours. It is definitely worth those money, at least for me. Check it out at: http://www.effetech.com/

Note: I am not connected to nor asked to do any advertisement for Effe_Tech. I just did not find any remark about it in JMeter mailing list archive and I am sure that there are people who can benefit out of using something like this little tool. Take it as I am just giving something useful back to the JMeter community.


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