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 * create a directory (<libextra>) to contain 3rd party libraries not included in the distribution
 * copy following jars to <libextra>: [none currently needed]
 * download jars needed to build: "ant download_jars"

This page is a brain dump of the various items needed for a release. It needs some work...


  • request Bugzilla version update
  • ensure changes.xml is up to date
  • update JMeterVersion.java (version and year) and build.xml (version and docversion)

  • build site documents, having first cleaned out existing files (so obsolete files will be removed):
    • [clean-docs] then [docs-site]
  • update docs tree in SVN
  • build code
  • test
    • GUI and non-GUI using host with graphic capability
    • non-GUI only using host with no graphic capability
    • ideally test on minimum supported Java and latest Java - especially for GUI

Generate Release

  • tag all the files with a new RC tag, e.g. v2_3_3_RC1
  • extract files from SVN using the tag into a new directory tree
  • download jars needed to build: "ant download_jars"
  • create distribution files:
    • ant distribution -lib=<libextra> -Djmeter.version=m.n -Duser.name=user-AT-apache.org

    • sign distribution files (gpg -ba file)

Vote on release

  • upload to temporary location (e.g. personal dir)
    • cd public_html ; mkdir jmeter-m.n
    • cd jmeter-m.n
    • mkdir dist
    • copy archives, sigs and hashes to dist
    • Install the site docs: svn co http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/jakarta/jmeter/tags/vm_nxx/docs

    • Extract Javadocs: unzip -x jmeter-m.n.o.zip '*/docs/api/*' and move to docs/api

  • send round [VOTE] e-mail to dev and general AT jakarta
  • Wait for any feedback; address any issues raised, if necessary by creating another release tag
  • If at least 3 PMC votes, then continue
  • send round [VOTE] [RESULT] e-mail to same mailing lists
  • Copy the RC tag to the release tag

Upload files

Update Jakarta download details and JMeter site

  • Ensure you have an up-to-date checkout of https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/jakarta/site

  • update ./xdocs/downloads/downloads.xml file to point to new files
  • update ./news.xml to add details of new release
  • rebuild jakarta site (ant docs)
  • commit changes
  • login to people.apache.org
  • cd /www/jakarta.apache.org
  • svn update
  • cd /www/jakarta.apache.org/jmeter
  • fetch site from SVN:
    • svn switch http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/jakarta/jmeter/tags/vm_n_o/docs

    • If the documentation needs to be updated between releases, create a branch docs-vm_n_o from the tag and switch to that
    • for later updates, use "svn switch" or "svn update" as appropriate (use svn info to find current setting)
    • The Javadocs are not in SVN so these need to be copied from the staging area
  • N.B. wait for few hours so site updates catch up


  • update Wiki version details
  • update doap_JMeter.rdf details in trunk
  • send [ANNOUNCE] e-mail to jmeter-user@jakarta, dev@jakarta, announcements@jakarta
  • also copy to announce AT ao (has to be sent from an ao e-mail address)
  • N.B. to track bounces and unsubscribes, it may be a good idea to use separate mails to Jakarta and Announce, and include a simple marker to distinguish them, e.g. To: Jakarta, To: Announce.

Tidy up

  • remove old archives from /www/jakarta.apache.org/jmeter/dist

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