This page is a brain dump of the various items needed for a release.



svn co jmeter_v2_8_RC1

cd jmeter_v2_8_RC1

ant download_jars 

ant clean-docs
ant docs-site
ant docs-api -Djmeter.version=2.8

svn status

svn commit -m "Prepare next release 2.8: update docs tree and overview (RC1)"

svn update

svn copy -m "Tag for pre-release" .

svn switch

ant -Djmeter.version=2.8 distribution

Generate Release

ant _dist_maven -Djmeter.version=2.8
ant sign_dist -Dgpg.keyname=0612B399 -Dgpg.secretKeyring=~/.gnupg/secring.gpg

ant maven_upload -Djmeter.version=2.8 -DrepoType=releases

cd dist/
java -jar $RAT_HOME/apache-rat-0.8.jar ./apache-jmeter-2.8.tgz > rat-report-jmeter-2.8RC1.txt
unix2dos rat-report-jmeter-2.8RC1.txt

Upload release artifacts to staging directory

JMeter releases are now published using svnpubsub.
For release votes, the files are uploaded to the dev/jmeter tree at
If the vote succeeds, they are renamed to the release directory at which is automatically published to the ASF mirror system.

ant RC_upload -DRC=RCn -DrepoType=live [-Dasf.ldap.password=secret [-Dasf.ldap.username=user] ]

The files should now be available under

Create docs branch

The site documentation now needs to be copied to the appropriate branch directory from the tag. [Note: if the vote fails, the branch will need to be removed and recreated]

svn cp -m"Create docs branch"

The Javadocs are not yet part of SVN at this point. For simplicity when reviewing the release candidate, they should be added to the docs branch here:

svn import -m "Add Javadocs" docs/api

It would be possible to add them directly to the live SVN directory later, but they need to be available for review, so it's easiest to create the branches/docs-m.n/docs tree as an exact copy of what will be released.

Checks to do before sending vote email

Vote on release

After VOTE success

svn copy -m "Vote succeeded, create the 2.8 tag"

Move RC dist files to release

This is done using svnmnucc. It moves the files from the staging director to the live are at

ant RC_publish -DRC=RCn -DrepoType=live [-Dasf.ldap.password=secret [-Dasf.ldap.username=user] ]

Update main distribution files

svn co --depth files dist-jmeter

svn commit -m "JMeter 2.8 release - Prepare update site" dist-jmeter

Maven Release

Wait for the update mirrors and central maven

Update JMeter site

This is now done using svnmucc. Create a script - for example "updatesite.txt" - containing the following:



Change the /docs-2.8/ path segment above as appropriate!

Now use svnmucc to update the live site:

svnmucc -m "Create branch docs 2.8" -X updatesite.txt

The SvnPubSub system will update the live site within a few seconds.

Note: the branches/docs-m.n SVN tree is created from trunk when the release is created. Subsequent updates to trunk documents may not be appropriate to the current release - e.g. changes to test elements - so any necessary changes to the site should be made to the branch (and trunk if appropriate). Then rebuild the branch (not the Javadocs!) and update the SVN branch with the changed files The site can then be updated as above.


Make sure: JMeter website is update AND download mirrors too.

svn commit -m "JMeter 2.8 release"


Tidy up

ant release_delete -Djmeter.old.version=2.7 -DrepoType=live [-Dasf.ldap.password=secret [-Dasf.ldap.usermame=user] ]