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jUDDI Wiki


Welcome to the jUDDI Wiki! jUDDI (pronounced "Judy") is a Java-based implementation of the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) specification for Web services. Here you'll (eventually) find some useful information on how to use UDDI, jUDDI, the user interface as well as information for developers, both interacting with jUDDI and for contributing to jUDDI's code base.


  1. jUDDI Wiki
  1. jUDDI_FAQs

  2. jUDDI_HOW-TOs

jUDDI Home page http://juddi.apache.org/

jUDDI Blog http://apachejuddi.blogspot.com/

jUDDI Issue Tracker http://juddi.apache.org/issue-tracking.html

Or search jUDDI Archive (combines both user and dev mailing lists) and see if your question has been discussed before.

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