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We both like porcelain, porcelain workshop in literary acquaintance of a friend. But they are as poor, a large company CEOs, is the body of a small cadres. CEOs big money, once the value of the collection of millions of dollars donated to provincial museums, but I can not earn a lifetime of one million, even in the face beloved porcelain, most have no money to buy, only full enjoy to the full, can only buy Cheap stuff. But we are very knowledgeable, with a trail of words, have never makes mistakes, then admiration to each other, and therefore appreciate.
I often sit as guest of the boss - for every visit friends overseas possession, hospitality veterans, not less I open seats, the hotel is the minimum consumption of 1,000 yuan per person. This is equivalent to half my salary.
I also often invited veterans to eat, such as changing hands a porcelain earned 800 thousand children, pull boss to snack on, a few fried dishes, to drink two dollars a bottle of beer. CEOs never hold anything against me, always happy to. After dinner, boss looked at me and pulled out some crumpled bills to check out, and never go and pay. While CEOs often pay for other people, there are times where I went to veterans to help identify a porcelain, they found an identity of the officials, outspoken boss to reimburse for a number of hospitality. CEOs with the amount of no scan, on the invoice signed and the financial take to write a check.
CEOs said that these people be bullied again, alas! My company, sometimes the use of names kind of identity for various reasons, to reimburse the cost of food, fuel costs, and even families of drugs.
My wife once had had an operation, drugs are the unit of funds has failed to reimburse. I did not open it to the boss, even though this medication has affected my life. We are as close as brothers, good friends, how can we stand idly by if I had had to? CEOs seem to know this, personally visited the hospital over this, I not been forthcoming.
But the boss will be a unique way to help me. One time my family toilet leaks, masons origin CEOs to personally go into battle, dig the floor, making water, then the new floor with cement Xiang good, so tired sweating. CEOs say, is the cost of hiring someone you can not find what I do craft masons. I am happy with a smile, handed him the tea to the boss.
If I return home to see his mother, boss will buy some gifts, 10 and eight back, driving personally, veterans say, your mother is my mother. Once my mother's birthday, boss and even turned down a business, determined to go. Indeed, the same as brothers and parents, but in many ways, our people can not. I have a porcelain shot, so the money scouring for other objects. CEOs have long liked that better pass me that pieces of porcelain, market price is 10,000, for the two experts, this is a clear price. CEOs want, I can only offer for 8000, CEOs laugh.
District 2000 dollars, the boss is not what I can to the full price, even can take this opportunity to give me some money, because my life is not well-off, but the boss did not do so. In their life, we are two different tracks. Boss runs the company, driving a high car, staying in a hotel, flying on business, indeed Rijindoujin, I am dedicated institutions, despite the salary Wei thin, but fun. I have a desire to save enough money, etc., to accompany his wife have long wanted to visit Yunnan.
Yunnan, for veterans, it is a frequently go. Not to mention their own, that is, those who cling to him, also dipped his light to play and can I, as his good friend, but as a dream to work with. CEOs just wish I could make it happen as soon as possible. I also wish the bosses the smooth, extra cash.
As a friend, earthly rare, one never humility, never a snob. Others say I have integrity, not looking up, do not cling, do not value plunges. I also appreciate the veterans, he does not easily charity, only one heart to be my usual. While the secular view, we seem to have as close as brothers, just like unreasonable. Even felt that a pretended lofty, a hokey it.
But people who know how to porcelain know, the same piece of porcelain, perfect, could priceless, but slightly flawed, even if there is a big nail scars, or a shallow to crack, it will be great discounts. "Porcelain broken edge, worthless money," is the truth. How can we not understand? Original, we are carefully nurtured by each other perfectly.
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