6/7/2010 9:15AM (GMT)

Testing the system today, login instructions will be posted here sometime today.

6/7/2010 5.26PM (GMT)

Completed a working test - but we need some hardware on site. I'm attending from Thursday, will take it with me.


The web conference will be accessible via a browser. However we have noticed some issues with Audio delay (approx 8 seconds of delay).

If you cannot cope with the audio delay - you can receive the audio feed via a sip client such as Ekiga.

To login to the web conference go to this url:

user: yourname pass: change-me-please

To access the audio stream separately to avoid the delay, use a sip client with these details:


user: 34381

pass: change-me-please

The number to dial on your sip phone: 85111

Hosting donated by :)

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