This page describes the directory structure of Lenya under the build/ directory.



This subdirectory contains java code (org.apache.cocoon.* and org.apache.lenya.*).


This subdirectory contains two files

They are the "root" sitemaps that are used if no local ones are found in the publication or its templates.

It also contains the following sub-directories:


This directory will house the Java Content Repository if you choose to use it (it can replace the old file-based storage under your publication's content/ dir). See JcrConfiguration for details.


This directory will house all global lenya code. This is where things become interesting, so there is an extra page for it: DirectoryStructureLenya2.0-HEAD-build-lenya-webapp-lenya


This is servlet-container housekeeping stuff. Among others, it contains:

[I have not the faintest idea what the other things in this place are for. My guess is they don't pertain to MereMortals.]

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