this documentation has never been completed and is now largely obsolete. thankfully, we now use fallback in a consistent and self-explanatory manner, which removes much cause for confusion. in addition, documentation about modules and their directory structure has been added to the lenya website.

This is a first attempt to document all the files and directories of a Lenya 2.0 system, their meanings, their hierarchy and their history.

BobHarner suggests to eventually create README files in each and every directory that will explain what the directory contains and how the files are used. JörnNettingsmeier eventually wants to add comment headers to all xml files that give similar information. For now, we are using this wiki page to collect the necessary information.

In order to make the documentation easy to read and keep it concise, JörnNettingsmeier suggests CategoriesForFileDocumentation and a Glossary to define and explain terms so that they can be used consistently. Please comment and improve.

For simplicity, this page assumes you are using the Jetty servlet container and are running Lenya from the standard build directory.


This is the directory where you unpacked Lenya and hopefully Cocoon. Thus, it probably contains two directories:

These names can be different on your system depending on whether you used tarballs or SVN.||


This is the unpacked lenya sourcecode, either from tarball or our of SVN. Among others, it contains two important scripts and one important settings file:

Last but not least there are (and it would be horribly bad form to disregard them)


This is where your finished Lenya system ends up after you have successfully built it. It also houses the content of your publication(s). Generated during build, used by the servlet engine to serve your site and store the content. For details concerning this part of the tree, go to DirectoryStructureLenya2.0-HEAD-build.


An exciting collection of legalese, containing the licenses for all third-party components that Lenya uses.


This directory contains jar packages of third-party software used by Lenya. They all will be copied to ./lenya_2.0.x/build/lenya/webapp/WEB-INF/lib after build. You wont need that directory until you rebuild your Lenya2.0-HEAD.


This directory contains the example publications, currently default and blog


Here you find the sources of Lenya. Used during build only. For details concerning this part of the tree, go to DirectoryStructureLenya2.0-HEAD-src.


This one contains useful tools which are needed to build and/or run Lenya, for instance the ant program (a "make" for Java), and the Jetty servlet container.

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