Roles in Userland

Note: When using the word 'Roles' here we do not necessarily mean Roles as in the Policy concept of Lenya, although the roles you decide to create should somehow reflect the different tasks people have in the website project.

The Architect

The Architect will make fundamental decisions about the site:

The Designer

The Designer is usually concerned with the look and feel of the site. Based on the decisions of the architect (see above) he or she is responsible for a unique, usable and attractive presentation of the contect.

The desginer will make and implement decisions such as:

The Editor

The Editor is concern with what information should be on the site. An editor will write the actual text that goes under the headlines that the architect has created.

Sometimes the roles of the editor and the architect might overlap or the two work closely together. The editor being a text oriented person will often have suggestions about how to structure the information that is to be presented on the site. This will impact the menu structure.