How to Edit your documents with WebDAV

The default publication in Lenya 2.0 has limited support for creating and editing documents via webDAV. Below are the steps you can follow to use Dreamweaver or windows xp to edit your publication (which is based on the default pub).

Dreamweaver Setup

The steps below are for Dreamweaver MX 2004 but also works with Dreamweaver 4 (with upgrade).

URL: http://localhost:8888/default/
Username: lenya
Password: levi
Email: lenya

Note: Documents are listed in the same structure that they are via the Lenya web interface. The structure does not map to the structure of the content directory where the document content resides on the server.

Windows XP Web Folder Setup

Note: For some reason I can't open the documents directly, but I can drag and drop and I can "send to". I can open the documents from Open Office (or other apps) but can't directly save them.

Using a Linux Client

First I tired konqueror as a client but it did not work. The second client I tried was cadaver:

cadaver http://localhost:8888/default/webdav (command line)
Username: lenya
Password: levi

and it basically works.

Optional (if you do not like "vi") you can change the default editor:

dav:/default/webdav/> set editor emacs

Now let us edit the first file via webdav.

dav:/default/webdav/> edit tutorial_en.html

That means i could open, edit and save a document. Further it was not possible to save non valid xml. I did not test other CMS functionality as e.g. access control yet.

Known Problems / Things to fix

Recent Testing Results / Observations


OpenOffice (Windows)

XP Web Folders


Word 2003, OpenOffice Saving Errors

FrontPage 2003

OpenOffice (edit .odt)

3/23 Update

OpenOffice (Windows) (edit .odt)

Word 2003 Update

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